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You want
a better work/life balance.
You are tired
of not being rewarded for your hard work.

Scholarship Success Stories


CJ interned for Kris Lindahl back in 2017. And now that we have launched in Colorado, he knew he had to hop on!

“To be your own boss but have all of these tools at your disposal to use, has absolutely helped me a ton. Looking at other real estate brokerages, the opportunities that you’re able to get with Kris Lindahl, I have not heard of in other real estate companies.”


Meet Sara Hecht

Sara has risen through the ranks and “killing it” as she has made the Top 10 already in her first few months. 

“It felt so wonderful and I was so confident in this change, this lifestyle change. There’s no other agencies doing what Kris Lindahl is doing with their team with their people. 

Sara Hecht, KLRE AGENT

Kris here.

You know what these real estate agents—and dozens more—all have in common? They saw an opportunity to improve their lives, and they grabbed it.

Our Real Estate Scholarship program has exploded because so many people are dreaming of a new start, where they wake up excited to go to work.

An exciting and rewarding career doesn’t have to be just something you dream about. You could apply for a real estate scholarship, become a licensed Realtor® and hit the ground running in a matter of weeks. You could be the next CJ, the next Sara, the next Tanner—the next YOU.

There’s no better time to start than RIGHT NOW. Real estate is thriving, and even first-year agents are cashing in on amazing commissions.

If you’re a great people person, and you want to get rewarded for your own hard work…if only someone would give you a chance…then you’re exactly who I started this program for! Just be sure to act now, because we can only accept about 10 applicants per month.

P.S. More information and more scholarship success stories are below!

– Kris Lindahl

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Meet Noah Wick

Noah had seen our marketing everywhere, so going to Kris Lindahl was a no brainer when he decided to enter real estate.

So far, our huge support system has ensured his experience has been smooth since he started.

“If you’re even thinking about it whatsoever, I’d say to apply immediately, because who knows how much longer this scholarship opportunity will be available.”


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Meet Ashley and Carter

We sell neighborhoods.

Like all of our agents, Ashley and Carter worked together to ensure their clients found a home. Little did they know…the houses they sold were right next door!

“At Kris Lindahl Real Estate, we don’t just sell houses. We sell neighborhoods!”

Carter N. and Ashley R, KLRE AGENTS

More amazing stories

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I am looking for people who already have a generous mindset and a kind heart. I’ll take care of the rest. 

My realtors get to do what they do best. I provide a full suite of professional in-house support staff, from marketing to photography to staging, at no cost to you.

I WANT to put the right people through real estate school.
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We do real estate differently, and that includes how we hire.
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The scholarship is NOT right for you if...

  • You don’t tend to follow through with commitments.
  • You’re only looking for part-time work, or to be a part-time agent.
  • You overindulge in night-life and too many lazy weekends.
  • You’re not a team player and pride yourself on being a lone wolf.
  • You’d trade effort for ease, and prefer jobs with little responsibility and okay pay.

If a Real Estate Scholarship would change your life, please apply now! 
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