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Considering A Career In Real Estate?
Now You Can Become A Confident, Fully-Licensed REALTOR®
—Paid For By Kris Lindahl Real Estate!


    Get all of your classes, books, and exam prep 100% paid for

   Kickstart a new career with a guaranteed spot on the KLRE team (and pre-qualified appointments)

    Be mentored personally by Kris Lindahl, industry-leading coaches, and sales trainers


Hello, future real estate agent!

Have you reached the point of wanting to leave your current career?

Has Real Estate often been in the back of your mind?

The freedom to create your own future, and the unlimited earning potential that comes with being a real estate agent, appeals to many.

But far too often, I see the same thing happening:

Finding the time and $1,500+ for real estate schooling stops many aspiring agents dead in their tracks.

(Let alone finding the $50,000+ worth of coaching, tuition, and support I’m about to invite you to receive!)

Instead of getting to make a better living and see people's faces light up when they find their dream home or sell for top dollar...

Many Aspiring REALTORS® Lack The Funds
To Get Started, Stuck In The Same Grueling Cycle:

(in a role that no longer fits)

(while the cost of living skyrockets)

(and stuck in debt)

(and undervalued)

Maybe you can relate?

If you’re looking for more meaning, stability, and abundance in your life…

And if you want to be your own boss while supported by a billion-dollar brand and growth-minded team of high achievers…

Then our team has an exciting new opportunity to share with you.

Actually, TWO exciting opportunities for those who qualify:


We’re going to provide over $50,000 worth of training with our free
Real Estate Scholarship program —which I’ll outline in a moment.



Upon getting a real estate license, you’ll have an immediate spot at Kris Lindahl Real Estate
—one of the nation’s Top 5 “Mega Teams” in transactions, according to The Wall Street Journal.

We’ll dive into why we’re doing this and all the unbelievable
benefits that await you in just a moment.

First, if all the negativity in the news about the economy has you wondering…

“Is It Even SAFE To Get Into Real Estate Right Now?”

Let's take a second to address this head-on.

By the way…

I know you’ve probably seen or heard me around on the radio… TV… and a “couple” of billboards.

But just in case, hello!

My name is Kris Lindahl—“the Arms Out guy” with marketing everywhere.

And of course, the namesake behind the Kris Lindahl Real Estate brand.

As someone who got their real estate license in 2009, right in the heart of “The Great Recession”… I know exactly how you may feel right now.

Economy in the tank.

The looming threat of layoffs.

And craving MORE out of life, but uncertain about leaving the “security” you currently have.

If you’re like I was back then, your friends and family say you’d be crazy to get into real estate right now.

But as with many things in life, there are two sides to the story.

In terms of today’s real estate market, I’m talking about…

The Great Acceleration Happening Right Now

The contrast you’re about to see is a great example of how the right
mindset, mentoring, and the team can shape your success.

(And how opportunities are always available, even in hard times!)

On one hand…

Similar to when I started in real estate, consumers are faced with a volatile economy and soaring costs of living.

Home prices and mortgage rates are currently at their highest levels since 2008.

And the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development even reported that sales of new single-family homes in the U.S. have dropped to a two-year low.

On the other hand…

We’ve sold over $2.5 billion worth of real estate in the last two years alone,


The Same $2.5+ Billion, Team-Based System
You Could Soon Be Leveraging

At most brokers, co-workers feel like competitors.

But we’ve built KLRE as the home of the team-based approach, along with a culture of collaboration.

Just as the assembly line revolutionized the American automotive industry’s production…

Our team-based approach means each transaction moves with max efficiency, from beginning to end.

(And everyone gets to focus on their strengths along the way.)

As a result…

KLRE agents get to work with more clients, and give them more attention, than the average real estate agent could ever dream of—while still having a life of their own.

Instead of having to master marketing or prospect all the time…

Agents have access to unlimited pre-qualified appointments.

And claiming them is as easy as opening up your phone or laptop, whenever you want to!

Once you do, an entire process is kicked off to support you.

Each appointment is automatically put on your calendar.

Then, an introduction from you automatically gets sent to your new client(s).

We have an entire in-house staging team, professional photographers, and field services department for things like measuring each home.

And finally, once you have a buyer or seller under contract…

It goes to your own Transaction Coordinator Team, and they take it from there!

All you have to do is focus on connecting and communicating with clients as needed.

To put what kind of difference this system makes into perspective, one agent said:

“When I was with my last brokerage, I was always stressed and couldn’t break more than 30 deals a year.

I joined KLRE halfway through 2019 and sold 62 homes. My first full year, I tripled what I sold (and my income)!

And it’s rare I’m not home for dinner with my family or making it to a sporting event. I have lots of free time because of the systems we have in place!”

- J. Erlandson, Real Estate Scholarship alumni


Qualifying For Real Estate Scholarship Means
Exclusive Access To Over $50,000 Worth Of Value,
Including Personal Coaching From Me

Not only does our Real Estate Scholarship cover the upfront cost of the real estate schooling and training materials needed to become a licensed real estate agent…

I want to keep giving back by personally coaching you with all the knowledge I’ve gained, and mistakes I’ve made, in my last 13-plus years in the industry.

Plus, you’ll have several additional perks exclusive to Kris Lindahl Real Estate.

Altogether, here’s exactly what acceptance into the scholarship includes:

All three state-specific courses (Value: $1000)

Exam prep (Value: $500)

Personal masterminding and coaching with me (Value: $10-20k)

Access to KLRE’s unique system, with over $2.5 billion closed in the last two years alone

Advanced training in sales, follow-up, writing contracts, and more from world-class leadership (Value: $5,000)

Leverage the credibility and demand resulting from tens of millions of dollars in ongoing branding efforts (Value: Priceless)

No need to master prospecting thanks to unlimited, pre-qualified buyer and seller appointments (These alone cost us around $2,000 each)

KLRE’s 200-page playbook for new agents
  (Value: $1,000)

Usage rights to our trademark-pending Arms Out material
  (Value: Priceless)

Our Goal
Is To Make The Entire Journey
Into Real Estate Risk-Free For You

After Real Estate Scholarship is over…

We’ll guide you through the rest of your journey with daily KLRE workshops, open forums, accountability groups, and weekly one-on-one coaching and mentoring sessions!

As you’ve just seen…

An agent would typically need to invest a minimum of $50,000 in order to start their career with everything listed above.

And that wouldn’t even include the KLRE-exclusive benefits.

But for the handful of agents accepted into our Real Estate Scholarship program, starting a wildly successful real estate career is on us!

Just like we did for Real Estate Scholarship alumni like Aurora, who earned over $40,000 in less than two months of graduating and earning her license.


From Real Estate Rookie To Over $40,000
Less Than
2 Months After Finishing
Her Real Estate Scholarship

Scholarship Kris Lindahl Aurora Story-min-1

Think about that for a second:

Census.gov estimates the average yearly American income is around $41,535.

With our training, support, and all the pre-qualified appointments she could want…

Aurora was able to focus on building her relationships and reputation, earning a year’s worth of income in just two months after graduating from our Real Estate Scholarship program.

Another example is Lori..

75 Transactions Within One Year
Of Attending Real Estate Scholarship

She did over 75 transactions in her first year after going through
Real Estate Scholarship and our advanced training inside KLRE.

Scholarship Agent Review

Even with today’s higher mortgage rates, the scholarship grads
and other licensed agents at Kris Lindahl Real Estate are seeing record months.

Listings Signed in last 60 days at KLRE GRAPH

The Reason We Want To Help You Succeed Next Is Simple:

Economies naturally cycle through highs and lows.
But our needs as human beings—like water, food, and shelter—are constant.

Because of this…

We’re seeing a huge surge of activity in this increasingly complex market.

Buyers have become more flexible because they don’t want to hold off and risk getting priced out of the market.
And sellers aren’t waiting to find their perfect next home because they don’t want to lose tons of equity as so many did in 2008 and 2009!

And the one thing they have in common?

Consumers Need Someone Like You
To Help Them Navigate These Milestone Moments!

Someone who genuinely likes meeting and working with new people.

Someone who puts people ahead of themselves…and will take the time to listen to their questions and care about their needs.

And who, like our entire team, is generous with their time and knowledge about the real estate industry, trends, and local markets.

And trust me when I tell you:

If I can go from a small-town kid who came from nothing to building a team and inescapable brand that rivals brokers across the country…

From growing up glued to every Minnesota Twins game to becoming an official partner of the team…

And finally, from not feeling 100% fulfilled as a teacher…to never closing a single deal selling water systems for a year…to closing over 15,000+ transactions and becoming Minnesota’s #1 solo real estate agent…

Then you too can create your version of success in real estate.

Especially now that you’re here.

Because you won’t have to fend for yourself or take on all the risks like traditional brokers will expect.

(A very common headache for new and experienced agents alike.)


You’ll Have Me As A Personal Coach And 100%
Support From World-Class Leadership

You see, it’s true that real estate can be incredibly rewarding to get into.

But as the National Association of REALTORS® reports, 85% of new agents fail and fade away within the first year—five years at best.

And the unfortunate irony is…

It’s often their own brokerage’s lack of support and systems that push new agents right back out of the industry.

I don’t want you to become part of that statistic.

And I’m incredibly grateful to be in a position where I can help you experience the opposite.

The team behind the KLRE brand gives you an entire community of all-stars you can tap for on-demand support.

Scholarship Agent Mark Message-min

Our unique team-based system allows you to focus on your strengths and build relationships. This makes selling homes way more efficient, too.

Plus, you’ll receive direct coaching from me.

In fact, every single morning I send our agents a new video packed with my latest take on the industry, ways to build client relationships, tips for earning higher commissions, and more.

Bottom line:

If you ever hit a moment where doubt or uncertainty creeps in, those who attend our Real Estate Scholarship program will have the entire KLRE team, brand demand, and me to fall back on.

At that point, the only way to fail is to do nothing at all!

You Deserve Your Version Of The Good Life.
Our Be Generous Movement Includes
Helping You Make It Happen

Be Generous is the core principle both KLRE and our Real Estate Scholarship program are built upon.
We’re all about sharing what we call The Three T’s:
(More on Be Generous and our Arms Out movement in a sec…)

So far, the advanced training you’ll receive has a 100% success rate.

And unlike the statistic mentioned a moment ago…

Many of our top agents have been with Kris Lindahl Real Estate for five years and counting.
Scholarship Slack Kat Message-min

We’re talking everyday people just like you
who can now say their start in real estate
in our unique team-based system has helped them:

    (Goodbye collection calls!)

    (Hello Abundance!)

    (Without pinching pennies)

    Instead of begging a boss for a raise that doesn't even keep up with inflation

Who The Real Estate Scholarship Program
Is (And Is Not) A Good Fit For

Since we invest heavily in helping you become a successful new real estate agent…

We don’t enroll just anybody into the Real Estate Scholarship program.

This opportunity is not a good fit for those who lack:

The desire to work in real estate as a career (not a side hustle)

Ability to develop relationships with strangers

The self-awareness and ambition to do, be, and have more

Confidence to jump right in versus overanalyzing

High-level professionalism (communication and appearance)

If you ARE a good fit, by now you’re probably wondering…

“Sounds Great But A Little Too Good To Be True.
What’s The Catch, Lindahl?

As you know from earlier…

We started Real Estate Scholarship to Be Generous and give back to the community.

And what better way to take the local economy, real estate market, and KLRE to the next level than creating more career opportunities!

That said, we see the Real Estate Scholarship program as a partnership.

To be clear, this is not an opportunity to start a side hustle or job hop from one place to another.

We’re looking for people interested in starting a real estate career and building a better life.

And the type of people who want to be their own boss while learning, growing, and winning as a team.

Is that you?

If so, here’s what we have in mind.

All we ask in return if you qualify?

That you make a 12-month commitment to working with the Kris Lindahl Real Estate team once you obtain your real estate license.

This means that not only do you get over $50,000 worth of tuition, coaching, and support…
(Plus the priceless KLRE perks outlined above.)

You’ll ALSO have a guaranteed spot on the area’s best real estate team (and ongoing mentoring from me) to make starting your new career a home run.

I think you’ll agree that’s a fair trade!

Join A Brand-Based Brokerage
Doing More Than Real Estate

Remember a point in your life when you were on a team you absolutely loved?

Maybe you were on a sports team as a kid like I was — and like my daughter is today.

Or maybe you were even lucky enough for it to be somewhere you’ve worked.

It’s a great feeling to be surrounded by a group of people committed to learning and growing the same way you are.

The right team and its support make you feel like you can conquer anything.

I’d even say it’s the key to success—in practically everything.

Instead of winging it or figuring things out alone…

Moving as a team lets you leverage the power of WE versus ME.

The same thing goes for the opportunities you’ll have here.

You get to leverage Ten's of Millions of dollars worth of branding.

And be part of a team that’s always growing, celebrating wins, and giving back.

The Arms Out Movement

Chances are you’re reading this because you’ve seen and heard our team’s work everywhere.
Kris Lindahl Real Estate Agents with Arms Out logo on front of image
Kids drawing of Minnesota with sports teams, Minnesota Icons, and Arms Out Kris Lindahl
Drawing for ‘Top 10 Things About Minnesota by sixth grader Sully N.
Our “Arms Out” movement generates tons of brand awareness on top of making a huge positive impact locally.

Sure, it’s my face on all of those commercials, billboards, and buses, but…
Think about it like this:

When the urge for a Target run strikes…

People don’t drive (or fly in from all over) to shop at the flagship Minnesota store.
They go fill their next cart at whatever store representing that brand is closest.
Tom Cruise had the spotlight in the first Top Gun.
And Top Gun 2 was his recent encore.
But it was all that buzz that allowed equally talented actors like Miles Teller to make $3.5 million dollars instead of the $8,000 he made in his second biggest role.
And now all those eyeballs on the film have given major traction to Teller’s rocky career.
Kris Lindahl Real Estate’s agents have a similar unique advantage.
When agents come into our brand, their personal business and social media requests spike every time.
When clients need help in today’s complex market with one of their life’s biggest decisions…
Finding an agent from our convenience- and brand-based brokerage instantly comes to mind.
It’s why all the inventory has started flowing in our direction!
The REAL question?
Whether or not you’ll bet on yourself and become part of it!

Leveraging The KLRE Brand Is About
Helping YOU Shine, Not Working In My Shadow

Somewhere along the way, you might think (or be told by a competitor with a personal interest in steering you away) that you can’t build your personal brand working with KLRE.

Fact is, nothing could be further from the truth.

Just so you know I’m not biased…

Here’s what being a part of KLRE has looked like for others!

From Fruity Pebble
Frustrations To Joining KLRE
And Tripling Her Income

The most successful people in any field usually have a pivotal moment—a strong WHY—that triggers their growth and desire for change.

For Jill Erlandson, it showed up in the form of a $5 box of Fruity Pebbles cereal at Target.

After an eclectic career as a school nurse, and later a private nanny…

Jill (and her husband) had already stumbled into real estate by the time she crossed paths with KLRE.

But when a trip to Target led to the tearful realization that Jill had to choose between dinner essentials and the cereal her two-year-old son really wanted…a fire was lit inside her.

In Jill’s words:
Kris Lindahl Real Estate Scholarship Business Card Arms Out

“When I looked inside myself, I decided if I wanted a change, I was going to have to jump in head first and not let anything stop me."

“After I joined KLRE, I TRIPLED my business. Over that first year with KLRE, I was able to take my family on our first vacation—a 10-day cruise. My husband was able to quit his job to be home with the kids during COVID until he found something that fulfills him.

And this past March, we moved to our dream home. But the best thing KLRE has given us is the ability to feel secure enough to give back and support others.”

(Super proud of you, Jill!)

Those accomplishments are all Jill’s from her hard work.

But her story demonstrates what I’ve been trying to say…

That the desire for change, and the right team and environment to thrive in, can become nothing short of life-changing!

Where Will You Be
Personally And Professionally
12 Months From Now?

Even better, think about 10 or 20 years from now.

Will you be dreading your alarm and waking up to a job you no longer like?

Or will you have forged a new path, starting each day excited for the new opportunities and people you get to encounter?

Is your current circle full of negativity and scarcity—or growth and abundance?

Equally important…

If you were to close out this page right now and go back to doing the things you’re currently doing...

Will “future you” be happier, wealthier, and more fulfilled?

I’m not on the other side of this screen with you to hear your story—not yet!

All I do know is that I’m very grateful for the opportunities I’ve had as a real estate agent and the founder of our all-star team at KLRE.

I speak for everyone you’ll soon meet when I say…

We’d love to take this journey with you to level up your life, income, and network as Minnesota
or Wisconsin’s next successful real estate agent.
Kris Signature Gif Red
Ready to kickstart a new career and find your new
favorite home team working with Kris Lindahl Real Estate?

How To Apply:

100% secure and confidential