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We live in a time of being more connected than ever, while simultaneously feeling a lack of human connection.

One of our secrets at KLRE is video.

We connect with every lead ASAP via video message.

Instead of your resume, we’d love a video from you. So whip out your phone. Tell us about yourself.

>  What’s your life situation?

>  What drives you?

>  What are your big “whys” in life?

>  Why do you feel you’d be a good fit for Kris Lindahl Real Estate?

Please be as detailed or concise as you feel necessary.

PLEASE NOTE: We receive a high volume of scholarship applicants. Sending this video can make a big impression to our recruitment team.

On that note, I know you may be hesitant to shoot a video. I get it. But you don’t need to fluff yourself up. I know that getting on video can be nerve wracking for many. Trust me, I was the worst at first. I’d record video for 8 hours some days doing take after take. But soon it became natural. And now video communication is an absolute key to our top agent’s success.

We don’t mind seeing the real you. We’re a family here at KLRE. But a family of top performers. What’s important to me is seeing how motivated and excited you are. I don’t mind if your hair isn’t perfect.

So if you are highly motivated to jumpstart a highly successful career in real estate with Minnesota’s most well known brokerage, send that video on over!

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