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Aurora hit $40,000 in commissions just 60 days after getting her real estate license through our Real Estate Scholarship program.

Lori closed her 75th transaction less than a year into her real estate career, which started when she visited this page and applied for a Real Estate Scholarship. Now she’s making six figures and loving life.

Noah went from seeing our marketing everywhere to closing deals in only a few months. Now he’s seeing continued success after the Real Estate Scholarship program because of his determination and also our supportive team.

Hannah completed her real estate schooling for FREE and now enjoys a “community over competition” culture at KLRE that reminds her of the small town she grew up in.

Kris here.

You know what these real estate agents—and dozens more—all have in common? They saw an opportunity to improve their lives, and they grabbed it.

Our Real Estate Scholarship program has exploded, because so many people are looking for a new start, a chance to be happier, and a life where they wake up excited to go to work.

That’s my hope for you. I want you to see this as the moment when you decided to take a bold step and open the door to a better life and career.

You could apply for a Real Estate Scholarship, become a licensed Realtor® and hit the ground running in a matter of weeks.

That means you could be the next Lori, the next Hannah, the next Aurora—the next YOU.

And there’s no better time to start than RIGHT NOW.

Real estate is thriving, and you should be, too. Join the dozens of others who have qualified for a Real Estate Scholarship with Kris Lindahl Real Estate.

And seize this opportunity to change EVERYTHING!

But act now, because we can only accept about 10 applicants per month.

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Meet Tanner Hagen.

We sell neighborhoods.
Like all of our agents, Ashley and Carter worked together to ensure their clients found a home. Little did they know…the houses they sold were right next door!

“At Kris Lindahl Real Estate, we don’t just sell houses. We sell neighborhoods!”
-Carter N. and Ashley R, KLRE AGENTS

Meet Aurora Funt

After hearing about our Real Estate Scholarship Program…
9 pending transactions in under 60 days in Real Estate… 9 families in her community served.

Aurora has a background in customer service and sales, she has a passion for helping others.
She wanted to transfer that skill-set into real estate but she wasn’t sure how to get started…

“My favorite thing about working with Kris Lindahl Real Estate is the giant amount of support you have from other agents, from mentors. We don’t view each other as competition here. we want to help everybody. And all the agents want the new agents to succeed.”
– Aurora Funt, KLRE AGENT

Meet Noah Wick

Noah had seen our marketing everywhere, so going to Kris Lindahl was a no brainer when he decided to enter real estate.

So far, our huge support system has ensured his experience has been smooth since he started.

“If you’re even thinking about it whatsoever, I’d say to apply immediately, because who knows how much longer this scholarship opportunity will be available.”
– Noah Wick, KLRE AGENT

Meet Ashley and Carter

We sell neighborhoods.
Like all of our agents, Ashley and Carter worked together to ensure their clients found a home. Little did they know…the houses they sold were right next door!

“At Kris Lindahl Real Estate, we don’t just sell houses. We sell neighborhoods!”
-Carter N. and Ashley R, KLRE AGENTS

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Hear your success potential
from future teammates.

“I was worried about evenings and weekends. But the flexibility is there so I don’t miss my twins milestones. Kris has done all the heavy lifting. All you have to do is be a realtor. Within 3 months in I was closing a deal almost every week. And it’s been 10 months now.”
-Mike W, KLRE Agent 10 months, 1st brokerage

“I wanted to be around people that wanted to see me succeed and in turn it rubbed off and I wanted to see them succeed.”
-Joe Worrells, KLRE Agent

(P.S. – You’ll want to watch this one!)
“A typical new agent could see 6 months of grinding before things happen. Some agents here that just completed training have 4-5 deals going already within 30-45 days. Many reach 6 figure incomes within a year!”
-Corey Dykman, KLRE Agent, Lead Trainer

“One day I got two leads in one day and I only got 2 leads in 6 months at my other place. I’m just not as stressed now. I know there’s so much opportunity.”
-Lisa Olien, Previously licensed recently joined KLRE

“I wanted to be in control of my career and with a camp that was innovative and committed to me. Kris’ scholarship showed he had meat in the game. In less than 4 months I’ve got 5 deals, 3 pending, and more leads than I know what to do with today.”
-Lori M., KLRE Agent 4 months, 1st brokerage

“Everybody on the team is kind and open. It’s like you have 250 people you can reach out to about anything, any time. Just knowing that they were there if I had a question or I wasn’t sure was very comforting, going into something completely new.”
-Sara Hecht, KLRE agent 3 months, 1st brokerage

There are dozens and dozens of these stories.
We just happened to catch these agents at the office this day.
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The Real Estate Scholarship

Have you dreamed of getting into real estate, but couldn’t afford to get started? If you’re a dedicated self starter, ready for a success-out-the-gate career in real estate with one of the nations most innovative brokerages…


No timecard to punch.

Flexible schedule working with your clients.

You get to be your own boss.

Never another "morning commute".

See a variety of interesting local places.

No pointless meetings, only with people who matter.

Take time off whenever you need.

Earn consistent big checks for helping people find dream homes.

Earn as much, or modest, money as you want. No ceiling.

No roller coaster, feast or famine months.

No one's breathing down your neck.

No wearing a dozen hats. Focus on doing what you do best.

Embrace who you're capable of being through team support.

Full suite team of professional in-house support staff, from marketing to photography to staging. All done for you at no cost.

Empower yourself during major life changes.

Stay and grow, but never feel trapped.

Make the income you DESERVE.

SEIZE what's out there for you.

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