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10 Reasons Being a Real Estate Agent is the Best Job in the World

10 Reasons Being a Real Estate Agent is the Best Job in the World

Working as a real estate agent is a rewarding career that offers various advantages over other jobs. From how a real estate agent can set their own schedule to the varying nature of the job's day-to-day responsibilities, there are certainly plenty of reasons to choose a career in real estate. Still on the fence about becoming a real estate agent? Keep reading for the top ten reasons why becoming a real estate agent is the best career in the world.

Agents Make Their Own Schedules

In the past, there were very few careers that allowed someone to set their own schedule. While such careers are more common today than they used to be, they are still vastly outnumbered by careers where an employee's hours are pre-determined and out of their control. However, real estate agents are one of the lucky few that get to decide for themselves when they want to work. Agents can choose to work a standard 9–5 workday, evenings to be available to homebuyers who work during the day, weekends, or any combination thereof.

Real estate agents can decide for themselves when and how long they work, arranging their schedule in a way that works best for their unique circumstances. In this way, working as a real estate agent provides one of the biggest benefits associated with being self-employed without the various drawbacks that being self-employed entails.

Getting Into Real Estate is Easy

Many people are surprised to learn that becoming a real estate agent does not require a college degree. All a person needs to start working as a real estate agent is their real estate license — and anyone over the age of 18 can apply for this license. Completing a pre-licensing education course and passing the licensing exam and background check are the only prerequisites for attaining a real estate license. Best of all, real estate students can get their education paid for with a real estate scholarship like the ones offered by Kris Lindahl Real Estate. These factors make working as a real estate agent a highly attainable career for anyone with the desire and motivation.


Real Estate Hard Work Pays Off


Working Hard Pays Off

There are far too many jobs that don't reward hard work. However, with a career as a real estate agent, this is never a concern. Real estate agents are paid a commission for each home they sell, meaning a real estate agent can always directly influence how much they earn based on their performance. With a career as a real estate agent, there's no need to worry about climbing the corporate ladder or convincing higher-ups to hand down a raise or bonus. Instead, real estate agents can improve their earnings through hard work and great performance alone — no office politics required!

Agents Help Make Homebuying Dreams Come True

There is a lot of value in working at a job that impacts people's lives for the better. While there are plenty of careers that make the world a better place, a career as a real estate agent is certainly one of them. Real estate agents get to guide people through the rewarding process of finding a new place to call home, serving as the person who helps make their homebuying dreams come true. Every day, real estate agents bring a smile to the clients' faces that they work with. They get to be there for one of the biggest moments in a person's life, and they get to celebrate alongside them when the process is complete. It's easy to feel good about working as a real estate agent, and that is priceless.

Agents Aren't Stuck in an Office All Day

Many jobs can quickly become mundane. Working a desk job is a great way to avoid the outdoor elements and hard physical labor, but being stuck behind a desk day after day comes with its own set of drawbacks. Real estate agents, however, get the best of both worlds. While many of a real estate agent's daily tasks are completed in an office, there are plenty of opportunities to get away from the desk and out into the field, including preparing homes for sale, meeting with prospective clients, and showing homes to those clients. The varying nature of an agent's day-to-day tasks makes working as a real estate agent a job that is never boring. Real estate agents get to split their time between the office and the field, performing a wide range of ever-changing tasks in a wide range of ever-changing locations. This makes working as a real estate agent a much more interesting career than most desk jobs offer.


Meet New People


Agents Get to Meet New People

Meeting new people regularly is one of the many things that makes working as a real estate agent fun and exciting. While many jobs don't allow meeting anyone outside a select group of coworkers, this isn't the case with a career in real estate. Real estate agents are constantly meeting with new clients, and many times agents get to spend a good amount of time getting to know those clients. The ability to regularly meet and converse with new and interesting people is an attribute of the job that almost every real estate agent values. Best of all, real estate agents get to meet these people under the best of circumstances since most of the clients they work with will be happy and enthusiastic about finding the home of their dreams.

There's Always Something New to Learn

The real estate market is constantly evolving. Between new technologies being developed, new types of homes coming to market, and the changing nature of the real estate market, there is always something new for a real estate agent to learn. This makes working as a real estate agent a career that requires a certain degree of adaptability and a commitment to continuous learning, but there is also certainly plenty of value in the opportunity to constantly learn new things that a career in real estate provides. Working as a real estate agent keeps the mind sharp and ensures a lifetime of ongoing education to pursue better career opportunities and improve performance. Since an agent's earnings are directly influenced by their performance, this opportunity to learn and improve offers a lot of value.

Being an Agent Requires Creativity

Working as a real estate agent may not be the first career that comes to mind when someone imagines a career that allows them to flex their creative muscles. In reality, though, succeeding as a real estate agent requires a high degree of creativity and ingenuity. Real estate agents are often tasked with staging a home for sale, and setting up a home in a way that makes it as alluring as possible to prospective clients requires a creative touch. In addition to putting their creativity to use when staging homes, agents also often need creative solutions to help clients find a home that checks all of the boxes that the client is searching for. The opportunity to express one's creativity in these various manners makes working as a real estate agent an excellent career for anyone who considers themselves a creative person or anyone who would like a job that allows them the chance to put their creativity and ingenuity to work.

Real Estate Agents Have Career Mobility

Career mobility is an important thing to look for in any long-term career. Unlike many careers, real estate agents don't have to worry about becoming stuck in an entry-level position with no real opportunities for advancement. As was already discussed, a real estate agent's earnings are determined almost entirely by their performance and the number or value of the homes they sell. Since a real estate agent's earnings — and thus their opportunity for advancement — are completely performance-based, a real estate agent is afforded a high degree of career mobility the moment they show up for work. All a real estate agent needs to do to advance their career is to continue performing to the best of their ability and sell as many homes as possible. Factors such as office politics, poor luck, and a lack of opportunities for advancement are never a concern for someone who works as a real estate agent.

Every Day is Different

Real estate agents do not have to worry about getting stuck in a rut or becoming bored with their job. Since the daily responsibilities of a real estate agent and the locations where those responsibilities are carried out are both constantly changing, working as a real estate agent is a career that rarely becomes mundane. For a real estate agent, every day is different, and every day brings its own set of exciting new tasks to complete and interesting new people to meet with. Most jobs aren't nearly this dynamic, making it easy to grow tired of most jobs even if they seem exciting at first. Since a real estate agent's job is different every day, though, it isn't very often that a real estate agent finds themselves bored with their career.


Real Estate Best Job



Every career offers its own unique set of advantages. With a career in real estate, though, these advantages are wide-ranging and abundant. From the ability for a real estate agent to set their own schedule to the straightforward opportunities for higher earnings and career advancement that a career in real estate provides to the abundance of other benefits that this unique career path offers, there are certainly plenty of reasons to back up the claim that being a real estate agent is the best job in the world.


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